Sivacon S4


SIVACON S4 is a switchgear and controlgear system with design verification according to IEC 61439-1/2 and EN 61439-1/2, for infrastructural power supply applications in administrative and utility buildings, in industrial and service sector facilities, as well as in public buildings such as schools and hospitals. The concept of the SIVACON S4 low-voltage power distribution board is characterised by a high level of personal and machine safety. SIVACON S4 low-voltage power distribution boards are con-
structed according to a modular design system. Thanks to the use of requirement-based, standardised and series-produced assembly kits and the wide range of possible combinations offered by SIVACON S4 modular technology, all needs in connection with low-voltage power distribution can be optimally met.

Panelling for control elements 

The front panelling can be realised in different ways depending on customers' wishes. Section doors can be additionally fitted with internal covers. In this variant, the devices installed are covered for protection against electric shock hazard even when the door is open. Frame panelling elements enable direct access to control elements. It is also possible to create a separate compartment with modular doors for each device. Thanks to the various systems, SIVACON S4 can be adapted flexibly to customers' needs. 

Features at a glance 

  • Controlgear assembly design-verified in accordance with IEC 61439-1/2 and EN 61439-1/2 
  • High flexibility and simple implementation
  • Attractive design, innovative ventilation and closing system 
  • Copper drawings for users' own production of connection modules 
  • Online support via Industry Mall
  • Colour RAL 7035 
  • Doors with universal stop 
  • Degree of protection IP30, IP31, IP40, IP41 and IP55 
  • Busbar systems up to 4 000 A


up to 100 kA (1 s)


up to 220 kA 

  • Internal separation form 1, 2, 3 and 4 
  • Easy design and configuration with the SIMARIS CFB software tool 
  • RoHS-compliant